Hendrick Commando is a commercially available off-the-shelf item (COTS) utilizing the US manufactured Jeep Wrangler® – with more than 200,000 units built annually and millions in operation worldwide. Jeep Wrangler is sold new in more than 100 countries around the world, providing cost advantage in sustainment and parts supply.

Science and Technology work supported by Hendrick Commando increases affordability by leveraging prior Government investment. Multiple tactical systems developed by Government labs and defense primes have been integrated, test validated, and fielded onboard Hendrick Commando. These include man-optional robotic applique, field engineering support systems, situational awareness platforms, counter-IED systems, communications, and expeditionary power generation.


Commercial vehicle production amortizes platform development cost, reduces unit production cost, and integrates modern automotive technologies and performance. Using COTS vehicles – with their production mechanism pre-existing and maintained commercially – the government is able to “buy less, more frequently”.

Hendrick Commando utilizes a modern turbodiesel engine and 5-speed automatic transmission. This high-efficiency powertrain results in a range exceeding 400 miles using only internal fuel.

Hendrick Commando is fueled by JP-8 and all global diesels, providing compliance with DOD's Single Fuel Policy; outlined in Directive 4140.25 and implemented in Army Regulation 70-12 (2012). Applicable to R&D, procurement, and operations, the policy reduces the logistics cost and burden of gasoline and other non-conforming fuels.

For infantry teams, Hendrick Commando is a low-cost pathway to “Lighten the Load”, provide electrical supply organic to the unit, carry heavier firepower, and increase speed over terrain.

New equipment operator and mechanic training burden is reduced by the familiar nature of commercial vehicles. Commonality across many world regions reduces language barriers when partnering with indigenous personnel.

On Board Diagnostics (OBD) system speeds repair operations through fault code reporting and factory prepared troubleshooting procedure.


Hendrick Commando versatility drives affordability by consolidating different vehicles into one multi-use platform. Side-by-sides are agile, but usually need to be towed to respond afar, so Hendrick Commando provides UTV agility without a tow vehicle or trailer.

Likewise, with robotics, the man-optional benefit means squad mission support and equipment transport can be provided robotically, when needed, but the same platform can be man driven too – covering distance much more quickly, serving multiple uses, and reducing sustainment and training complexity inherent with two completely different platforms.

Hendrick Commando already complies with many provisions of DOD Interface Standard for Transportability (MIL-STD-1366) and the Engineering for Transportability Program (Army Regulation 70-47).

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