The operational environment is difficult enough, safety must be built in from the outset. Championship auto racing drives a focus on the operator first – building the platform out from the driver. While safety includes specific measures like roll-over protective structure and seating harnesses, operator comfort also has a significant effect on safety and situational awareness. Learn more about Hendrick Commando Safety.


Hendrick Commando is able to operate effectively across a wide spectrum of conditions while supporting highly varied missions. Hendrick Commando can affordably lighten the load, provide electrical power organic to small units, and increase infantry speed. Hendrick Commando works both OCONUS and in domestic operations, can be used as simple mobility, serve as an advanced situational awareness platform, and even operate robotically. Learn more about Versatility.


Today’s world has stricter budgets to maintain and more complex missions to complete. Hendrick Commando is a commercial off-the-shelf item (COTS), with extensive completed S&T integrations, providing users advantage when balancing capabilities and available resources. Hendrick Commando highlights DOD’s Better Buying Power objectives, fuel efficiency goals, and lower cost in procurement, training, and sustainment. Learn more about Affordability.