The Hendrick Commando® ultralight tactical vehicle (UTV) is a commercial design vehicle modified to military specification to meet direct transportation support of combat and/or tactical operations. Hendrick Commando is manufactured for use off-road. Each Hendrick Commando model includes several features and options that distinguish the vehicle in safety, versatility, and affordability. Hendrick Commando delivers Agile Strength™.



With the shortest wheelbase, Hendrick Commando 2 maximizes maneuverability where tight terrain dictates minimal turning radius and break-over angle. Hendrick Commando 2 provides seating for two, utilizing two removable hard doors and top. An enclosed cargo space of 55 cubic feet is provided behind the occupant seating.



Hendrick Commando 4 defines versatility by providing two configurations that can be utilized to match the mission profile. In standard setup, Hendrick Commando 4 provides seating for four, utilizing four removable hard doors and top. When needed, the 31 cubic feet of enclosed cargo space can be expanded to 70 cubic feet by removing the second row seating.



Hendrick Commando S is special – distinguished as a pickup truck capable of traversing very rough terrain. With its cargo bed and available mission pallet attachment, this model can be field configured to support virtually any purpose. Hendrick Commando S provides seating for two, utilizing two removable hard doors, top, and cab.


•    Chromoly Roll-Over Protective Structure (ROPS)
•    JP-8/Global Diesel Powered Turbo Engine
•    197 Horsepower and 339 LbFt Torque
•    Enhanced Engine Air & Fuel Vent Filtration
•    5-Speed Auto Transmission with Overdrive
•    Two-Speed 4WD System with 4:1 Low Range
•    Selectable Front & Rear Locking Differentials
•    Premium Kevlar® Reinforced Tires & Spare
•    Floor Mounted Shift Levers in Custom Console
•    Hand Operated Mechanical Emergency Brake
•    Slide & Recline Seats with Latch Harnesses
•    Cabin Heating, Air Conditioning, Defroster
•    Cabin & Side Mounted Rear View Mirrors
•    Operable Windows & Removable Tops
•    Windshield with Wipers and Washers
•    Headlights, Brake & Backup Lights, Turn Signals
•    Dual AGM Battery System with Isolator
•    Dash Mounted Six-Switch Accessory Panel
•    Gauges include Speed, RPM, Temp, Fuel, Miles, Hours
•    Ruggedized Bumpers with Front & Rear Towing
•    Fixed Wing & Overland Tiedowns (patent pending)
•    Steel Fenders with Heavy Debris Flaps
•    Durable Polyurethane Enamel Tactical Finish



•    Maximum Payload & Terrain Mobility (patent pending)
•    Helicopter Internal Air Transport (patented)
•    Man-Optional Robotics with Teleop & Autonomy
•    Multi-Sensor Situational Awareness Platform
•    7-Function Force Feedback Manipulator Arm
•    Knuckleboom Hydraulic Crane with Thumb
•    Blackout Operations with Infrared Head & Tail Lights
•    Exportable 24V at 50-250 Amps & 120V at 2-4 kW
•    Mission Pallet Attachment System (patent pending)
•    Integrated APOBS Mount with Remote Firing
•    Multipower 5kW Genset, Welder, Air & Hydraulic
•    Marsupial Mechanism Deploying Small UGV
•    High Performance Onboard Air Compressor
•    Self Recovery Package including Winch
•    Snorkel Air Intake with Cyclonic Filtration
•    Stowable Adaptive Countermine Roller & Rake
•    Ground Penetrating Radar with Marking Array
•    Towed Countermine Roller with Disruptors
•    VERTEX® Tactical Attachment Points (patent pending)
•    Litter Carriers, Bustle Racks, Comms Mounts
•    Assault Platform, Ladder, Seating, Gate Crasher
•    Rifle Muzzle Scabbard for Driver & Passenger
•    Expanded Capability Onboard Tools & Spares