Hendrick Commando capabilities extend across multiple types of surfaces, terrains, and environments – with optional high payload and terrain mobility validated through Government testing completed to SOF mission profile.

Hendrick Commando provides side-by-side/UTV type agility, but does not require a tow vehicle and trailer to travel long distance or over paved surfaces. Operators have noted this distinct benefit in the field, citing the range of uses and areas they can cover with just one versatile tactical vehicle.

The turbocharged engine and electronically-controlled high-pressure fuel injection ensure Hendrick Commando performs at high elevations.

72-hour idle without refueling permits remote sensing and comms relay applications, as well as extended overwatch capability.

Multiple tactical systems developed by Government labs and defense primes have been integrated, test validated, and combat fielded onboard Hendrick Commando. These include man-optional robotic applique, field engineering support systems, situational awareness platforms, counter-IED systems, communications, and expeditionary power generation.


The optional robotics developed and fielded onboard Hendrick Commando are distinct with regard to versatility. First, the robotics are an applique, so the vehicles can be prepared for robotics, but only those units requiring robotic capability have the applique installed. Second, the system is man-optional. No ground robotic system yet can safely and effectively move through highly dynamic conditions, like a public urban setting, as fast as a human driver. So the robotics are employed only when needed, in just minutes, and controlled wirelessly through man-pack remote or integrated controls onboard another Hendrick Commando.

Jeep Wrangler® is sold in more than 100 countries around the world. Hendrick Commando is at home in an urban setting – capable of maintaining lower visibility than other military vehicles. Yet its compact size and effective features permit an immediate shift to supporting tactical missions over cross-country terrain.


The patent pending VERTEX® system provides versatile tactical expeditionary capabilities through modular connection points for tactical and vocational implements. With attachments easily built for general use or tailored to a specific mission, this approach enables users to adapt mobility to their mission demands, innovate in the field, and even deliver reverse compatibility to other units.

Hendrick Commando is quickly reconfigurable to match various operating environments. From a fully enclosed cabin, to targa top, to an ultralight safari top, to no top at all.  Full steel doors have operable windows, and are removable in minutes. The windshield can be kept in place or removed depending on operational requirements. This versatility has been a key benefit cited by users in the field – across various seasons and locations.

Hendrick Commando is based on the US manufactured Jeep Wrangler® – the most off road capable production vehicle in the world.

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